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Southern Utah Art Guild

Art for the Soul

Photo Gallery

End of Summer Blues End of Summer Blues End of Summer Blues Poster 202650062 Valley of My Roots Victoria Denning Oil and Acrylic Best of Show 202649914 Victoria Denning with her Best of Show Painting 202650061 Sea Captain Waiting for Low Tide Nancy Lamb Watercolor First Place 202649991 Summertime Deann Rex Oil Second Place 202649892 Breakfast at the Beach Annie Barber Watercolor Third Place 202649992 Last Day at the Beach Georgia Johnson Acrylic Honorable Mention 202649792 Vermillion Maria Jeffs Photography Honorable Mention 202649989 Maze of the Blue Medusa Evie Atkin Gourd Honorable Mention 202649993 Koi John Mangels Acrylic Honorable Mention 202650063 Blue Woman Jo Campbell Glass Honorable Mention 202649994 Sailing Away Blues Gayla Folkman Oil Honorable Mention 202649995 Canyon Skies Jean Mooney Mixed Media 202649886 Summer's Harvest Joann Arnold Oil 202649888 Loving the Blues Deann Rex Oil 202649890 Zion West temple Deann Rex Oil 202649906 Cache Marsh Kirk Parkinson Oil 202649894 Blue Sunrise on Salt River Kirk Parkinson Oil 202649896 Lakeshore Evening Kirk Parkinson Oil 202649898 Giants of the Kolob Bonnie Hacking Oil 202649900 10 Minutes later Bonnie Hacking Oi 202649908 Oakley Evening Diane Cliff Oil 202649902 Wallsburg Diane Cliff Oil 202649904 Forging Clouds Joann Merrill Photography 202649910 September Sky Peg Wheeler Oil 202649912 Unnamed Carolyn Stone Reuthlinger Acrylic 202649916 Apples for the Teacher Hazel Janet White Oil 202649918 Under Desert Skies Dorothy Kennedy Oil 202649920 Good Dog Mary Andrus Acrylic 202649794 Night Birds 11 Mary Andrus Acrylic 202649796 After the Storm Louise Crosby Oil 202649802 Rainy Day Play Beverly Mangum Watercolor 202649804 In for the Season Beverly Mangum Oil 202650011 Zion Eddi Malloy Mixed Media 202649887 Aqueous Eddi Malloy Watercolor 202649988 Country Side 1 Annie Barber Watercolor 202649806 Summers Homeless George Kehew Acrylic 202649808 Blue: The Space Between Sandra Feldman Alcohol Ink 202649810 Arche NP Spires Sandra Feldman Alcohol Ink 202649812 Purple Mountain Magesty Mel Scott Alcohol Ink 202649814 Night Sky Mel Scott Alcohol Ink 202649816 Summers End Shirley Smith Transformed Digital Photography 202649818 Weeping Blues Barbara Marshall Acrylic 202649820 A Change of Seasons Mike Fletcher Acrylic 202649798 Untitled Mike Fletcher Acrylic 202649822 Untitled Mike Fletcher Acrylic 202649824 Kayenta Georgia Johnson Acrylic 202649826 Blue Trees Alice Hiatt Pastel 202649828 Family Trees Mary Curtis Gourd 202650000 Equine Elegance Sue Kroll Scratchbord 202652172 1Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Barbara Marshall Glass 202650002 Last Butterflies of Summer Barbara Marshall Glass 202650004 Thermal Yellowstone Jo Campbell Glass 202650005 Butte in Johnson Canyon Paul Jensen Oil 202650007 Mt. Carmel Paul Jensen Oil 202650009 Reception Art 202650064 Tintic Caboose Sandra Fullerton Oil 202811172 Bridgeport Lake Sandra Fullerton Oil 202811173