Winter Delight Show Winter Delight Show Show Poster 203561592 Pathway to Rain Forest Robin Mueller Photography Best of Show 203557971 Robin Mueller 203557969 Five Oil Lamps Ernie Webb Photography First Place 203557970 Ernie Webb 203557968 Our Lady of Compassion Pamela Bird Hand Cast Paper Relief Second Place 203557828 Pamela Bird 203557962 Waiting Vicky Walker Oil Third Place 203557830 Vicky Walker 203557965 Winter's Calm Mel Scott Alcohol Ink on Tile Honorable Mention 203557825 Winter in Blue John Mangels Acrylic Honorable mention 203557831 Winter Solace Jody Gerber Oil Honorable Mention 203557826 Jody Gerber 203557964 Northern February Diane Graebner Acrylic Honorable Mention 203557827 Diane Graebner 203557963 My Red Garden Judy Ewing Oil Honorable Menton 203557959 Judy Ewing 203557966 Ancient Juniper Brooch Bryan Lewis Jewelry Honorable Mention 203557972 Sheep Rock Petroglyph Sandra Feldman Acrylic 203557994 Reception Table 203557995 White Crane Ernie Webb Photography 203557996 Rouen Cathedral JoAnn Merrill Photography 203557997 Early Snow - Greenslake Marsh Don Carter Photography 203557998 Midnight Snow Storm Alan Curtis Acrylic 203557999 Waiting For You Brenda Rusnell ColoredPencil 203558000 Silence in the Forest Mel Scott Watercolor 203558001 Flowers Claudia Miller Oil 203558002 Snow Feather Necklace Bryan Lewis Jewelry 203558003 The Winter Dance Jean Mooney Glass 203558004 Artwork in Process Susan Holben Mixed Media 203561780 Our lady of Mexico Pamela Bird Hand Crafted Paper Relief 203561781 Winter Curves John Mangels Acrylic 203562013 Winter Rambelings John Mangels Acrylic 203562015 Cliffs at Mt. Carmel Kirk Parkinson Oil 203561782 The Old Homestead Don Northern Oil 203561783 Private Stairs JoAnn Merrill Photography 203561784 Pears and Grapes Still Life Judy Ewing Oil 203561785 White Driftwood Georgia Johnson Clay 203561786 Fading Light Vicky Walker Oil 203561787 Kensington Pond Susan Holben Oil 203561788 Kokopelli Linda Stout Glass 203561789 Cliffs #1 Steve Blake Acrylic 203561790 Tall Grass Tom Stout Glass 203561791 Snowy Animas Duke Brietenbach Photography 203561792 Cliffs #2 Steve Blake Acrylic 203561793 Juniper Wood Georgia Johnson Clay 203561795 Abstract Linda Stout Cast Glass 203561796 Sinawava in Winter Jody Gerber Oil 203561798 Lonely Pier Deena Millecam Watercolor 203562014 Long Stick Shaman Lynette Loughton Acrylic / Mixed Mediam 203570416 Happy New Year Mel Scott Acrylic 203570417 Transforming HelenXW Han Kopriva Watercolor 203570418 The Way Home Debra Carter Pastel 203570419 Winter Train Alice Hiatt Oil 203570420 The Enchantment of Winter Betty Barnhart Acrylic 203570421 Wind Swept Mike Fletcher Acrylic 203570422 Awaken with Winter Light Betty Barnhart Acrylic 203570424 Quails in Snow Mel Scott Watercolor 203570425 April in Paris Deann Rex Oil 203570426 Delightful View Gayla Folkman Ol 203570427 First Snow Win Barney Watercolor 203570428 Angel Fish Tom Stout Fused Glass 203570429