Only Abstraction Only Abstraction Only Abstraction Show Poster 204132243 Deep Space #1 Beth Magruder-Deliberto Acrylic Best of Show 204187137 Visitation Mel Scott Watercolor First Place 204190033 Tail Feathers Alan Curtis Acrylic Second Place 204190032 New York Blues John Mangels Acrylic Third Place 204190031 Genesis Alicia Black Mixed Media Honorable Mention 204190029 Sunfire Mountain Philip Moulton Pencil and Pastel Honorable Mention 204190083 Rough Plaid Kari Frymer House Paint Honorable Mention 204190082 Connectivity John Mangels Acrylic 204132241 Stonehenge John Mangels Acrylic 204132242 Upstream John Mangels Acrylic 204132244 Sacred Feather John Mangels Acrylic 204132240 Clarity Jenna Lineweaver Mixed Media 204190030 Studio Mary Andrus Acrylic 204190026 Blue Dream Mary Andrus Acrylic 204190087 Sea Foam Alan Curtis Acrylic 204190027 Color Burst Alan Curtis Acrylic 204190028 Rapture Carmen Gentry Acrylic 204190086 Reflexes Carmen Gentry Acrylic 204190080 Resistance to Networking Lisa Sterling Mixed Media 204190081 Half Moon Rising George Kehew Acrylic 204190084 Urban Sprawl Mel Scott Acrylic 204190085 Melt Tom Stout Glass 204190165 Espana Mel Scott Acrylic 204190166 Five Squares Harold Tanner Acrylic 204190167 Reaction Tom Stout Glass 204190168 The Point Harold tanner Acrylic 204190169 Under the Sea Annie Isaacson Oil 204190170 Wereman-Transformation Lawrence Callahan Acrylic 204190171 Bailing Time Kari Frymier House Paint 204214019 Inception Eddi Malloy Watercolor 204214020 Desire Win Barney Watercolor 204214021 Distant City Kari Frymier Acrylic 204214022 Two Figures Jamie Robertson Oil 204214023 Mystic Mountain Lawrence Callahan Acrylic 204214024 Free and Easy Eddi Malloy Mixed Media 204214025 Resolution Charles Mike Fletcher Acrylic 204214026 Gayla Folkman Watercolor 204214059 Yellow, Black & White #3 Jamie Robertson Oil 204214060 Yellow, Black & White #1 Jamie Robertson Oil 204214061 Tangles Beth Magruder Deliberto Oil 204214062 Dancing Waters Lawrence Callahan Acrylic 204214063 Yellow, Black & White #2 Jamie Robertson Oil 204214064 We are not Alone James Lanier Acrylic 204214065 Road Trip Mary Andrus Acrylic 204214066 Xray Gary Alba Photography 204214067 Blue Pony Red Horse Mary Andrus Acrylic 204214187 Feeling a Loss Judy Ewing Acrylic 204214188 The Power Within Win Barney Acrylic 204214189 Thermal Colors II Duke Brietenbach Photography 204214190 Escaping Thought Judy Ewing Oil 204214191 Peek A Boo Rabbi Helene Ainbinder Oil 204214192 Patchwork Alan Curtis Wood 204214193 Peel Inside Kirk Mangus Gourd / Acrylic 204214194 An Old Joke Rabbi Helene Ainbinder Oil 204214195 Vision Quest Eddi Malloy Watercolor 204214196