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Southern Utah Art Guild

Art for the Soul

Photo Gallery

Winter Blues Winter Blues Winter Blues Poster 204748632 Misty Morning Sunrise Brandi Mostowy Oil Best of Show 204750260 Brandi Mostowy 204750276 Frozen Tricycle Nancy Lamb Watercolor First Place 204750261 Nancy Lamb 204750278 Warm Light Softens Gayla Folkman Oil Second Place 204748599 Gayla Folkman 204750282 Full Steam Ahead Rain Mueller Photography Third Place 204748602 Another Cold Night Ray Pittman Oil Honorable Mention 204748597 Ray Pittman 204750277 Zion Snow Mel Scott Watercolor Honorable Mention 204748598 Burgeoning Barbara Bengston Multi Media Honorable Mention 204748601 Barbara Bengston 204750280 Winter Frost Rebekah Tucker Acrylic Honorable Mention 204750264 Off Season Mari Wittek Watercolor Honorable Mention 204750257 Mari Wittek 204750279 Diamond Back Barbara Bengston Mixed Media Honorable Mention 204750263 Contemplation John Mangels Acrylic 204748600 High Country Winter John Mangels Watercolor 204748633 Dark and Stormy John Mangels Watercolor 204748634 Crystal Eddi Malloy Acrylic 204748641 The Park Eddi Malloy Watercolor 204748635 Flamenco Eddi Malloy Mixed Media 204748741 Barn Carole Foster Watercolor 204748636 Ziegfeld Girl Allan Merrill Graphite 204748637 Old Woman Nancy Lamb Charcoal 204748638 Mountain Snow Robin Mueller Photography 204748639 Precious Water Robin Mueller Photography 204748640 Untitled Charles "Mike" Fetcher Acrylic 204748648 More White Trees Charles "Mike" Fletcher India Ink 204748676 Girl and Her Dg Fish Charles "Mike" Fletcher India Ink 204748678 Emerald Frost Julianne Skinner Acrylic 204748649 Nightfalls Julianne Skinner Acrylic 204748652 Winter Sky Julianne Skinner Acrylic 204748681 A Light in the Darkness Barbara Bergstrom Mixed Media 204748650 Divergence Larry Callahan Acrylic 204748651 Canyon Snow Larry Callahan Acrylic 204748683 The Canyons I Larry Callahan Acrylic 204748740 Mr Walker Julianne Skinner Acrylic 204748653 Pondering Julianne Skinner Acrylic 204748654 The Messenger Holly Varszegi Oil 204748655 Tranquility Holly Varszegi Oil 204748656 Mondo Del Sogno Sherrie Spinelli Oil 204748674 Love is Blue Gayla Prince Wallace Oil 204748675 Winter Blues Gayla Prince Wallace Watercolor 204748697 Dreaming in Blue Jenna Lineweaver Oil / Mixed Media 204748677 Waiting on the Sun #4 Jenna Lineweaver Oil / Mixed Media 204748701 Waiting on the Sun #3 Jenna Lineweaver Oil / Mixed Media 204748699 First Snow I Mari Wittek Watercolor 204748682 First Snow II Mari Wittek Watercolor 204748679 Plate 184 Tom Stout Glass 204748698 Plate 175 Tom Stout Glass 204748700 Bowl 176 Tom Stout Glass 204748702 Snow Queen Sharon Turley Oil 204748703 Fred's Sharon Turley Oil 204748706 Potted Geraniums Maurine Harris Oil 204748704 Country Red Maurine Harris Oil 204748708 Payson Twilight Kirk Parkinson Oil 204748705 Sunrise on Timp Kirk Parkinson Oil 204748707 Beautiful Timpanogos Kirk Parkinson Oil 204748709 Solitude Cheryl Schase Watercolor 204748739 Powder Mountain Cheryl Sachse Acrylic 204748680 Morning Outing Mel Scott Watercolor 204748738 Sublime Contemplations II Charles Lupica Photography 204750258 Deer Floyd Barlow Wood Engraving 204750259 Summoning Winds Brandi Mostowy Oil 204750262 Cold International Duke Brietenbach Photography 204750281 Snow Cabin Duke Brietenbach Photography 204750283